Monday, 9 July 2012

Big Bags of Love

Big bags of Love

Modern Buddhist Fellowship reaches out to the less fortunate

10 bright shinny people of MBF under the leadership of Cody Sim took 60 sets of dried goods and daily necessities and visited over 30 homes for the needy in Singapore. These items were first offered to the Buddhas during the opening ceremony of MBF’s new premise.

HE Tsem Tulku Rinpoche has been an inspiration for behind our work. Rinpoche has always been giving to the needy since young. He cannot bear to see anyone left without food and nourishment. Even when Rinpoche was in India, he would have food prepared and would go to town and offer food to the poor folks there. The poor people will be waiting in line in order to get food from Rinpoche.

In Singapore, we are fortunate enough to not have homeless people but we do have a group of old folks who are lonely and live off a meager sum of money from the government. This sum of money is not even enough to cover their rent! Hence we’ve prepared food and daily amenities for them in our package of love to help them cover whatever little we can offer.

As this is our first time doing this service, it has been a learning experience for many of us. It is definitely a wakeup call for us to appreciate what we already have in our lives.

May we be able to do more in order to alleviate their sufferings in the future. Let’s offer food now to nourish their bodies and may we be able to nourish the minds of others through the practice of Je Tsongkhapa!

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