Monday, 9 July 2012

Modern Buddhist Fellowship is a group of young and dynamic yuppies who are passionate about spreading the teachings of love, peace and ancient Buddhist wisdom in the modern world today. We are especially passionate about the works, writings and teachings of the Incomparable Lama Je Tsongkhapa who was a scholar monk, mendicant and compassionate saint who lived in the 14th century. Following Je Tsongkhapa's footsteps, we have gathered together to form a group in order to promote and propagate Je Tsongkhapa's teachings in modern day language.

Our Refuge
As Buddhists, we take refuge in the Three Jewels (ie: the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha). This refuge spans into every sect, school and vehicle of thought in Buddhism. As we live in the 21st century where modern necessities and technology is available much to our convenience, we tend to ask ourselves what is the meaning of life. We are at times met with crossroads which we could not find a direction, we are left on our own to decide and many times we fail to find the right direction. Taking refuge in the Three Jewels does not mean we kowtow to Buddha statues daily and read endless mantras and scriptures or even do we have to be shaven monks ourselves. We do not advocate such. We brand ourselves as educated people who have passion in the Buddha Dharma which illucidly points to us towards a happier and peaceful state of mind. 

Our Buddha
As we are always caught up with work and our daily commitments, we tend to forget that there is someone at the end of our daily rat race waiting for us. Yes, it is nothing else but the Buddha nature within us which is screaming to surface. Often enough, we find ourselves having compassion for another person or animal which is less fortunate than our current state of being and we pause to think "Why are they in such a condition? How can I help?".

That as we are taught by Je Tsongkhapa to be our Buddha Nature which is the sole source of undying holistic energy which fuels our life with purpose. Compassion is our innate nature which when coupled with Wisdom, we become better people to help ourselves. And in helping ourselves, we get to help others who are in need.

This form of energy is like the rays of the sun which potentially can either burn up an entire forest or bring life to the world it shines on. We take this form of Enlightenment in its most pure and subtle form in the form of a monk, wearing a golden pointed hat. He is Je Tsongkhapa, a perfect embodiment of every good quality which we seek in ourselves; compassion, wisdom and spiritual strength.

We take refuge in him not in a worshipping manner but in the manner of taking His qualities and inspiring ourselves onto the path which he has shown us. He is a benchmark for our spiritual growth. He was once human and took the teaching of the Buddha, practiced it and gained attainments with it and became who he is today.

Our Dharma
Je Tsongkhapa studied the vast corpus of scriptures both written and commentaries given by highly attained masters of both India and Tibet. These set of teachings were condensed through the power of contemplation and meditation and whatever arises from the omniscient mind of Je Tsongkhapa was written down to form one of His greatest work called the “Lamrim Chenmo” which means the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment.

Our main central focus and the core of our spiritual practice is based on this text which is a celebrated work in Tibet, Mongolia and China during ancient times and now practiced all over the world. This shows how pervasive, in-depth and relevant these teachings are for our time.

As an introduction to this text, we enter the door of Je Tsongkhapa’s world using the “Buddhist Bible” called “Liberation in the Palm of your Hand” which is a series of talks given in Lhasa in 1921 by one of the most celebrated Lamas of our time – Kyabje Pabongkha Dorje Chang. 

Our Sangha

We respect all enlightened masters of all traditions regardless of their view, culture and school of thought. This enables us to create a space of harmony which we begin to embrace ourselves with the shortcomings which we have and overcome them with the support and encouragement of the fellowship.

The Buddha intended for the community of Sangha to be formed as means of support and encouragement for those journeying the spiritual path of Liberation. As the access of spiritual guides are limited in this land, we have formed a group of lay yuppies here to help facilitate, share the Dharma of Je Tsongkhapa’s tradition with hopes of spreading it in this region.

As our spiritual journey is never a smooth ride, we need a caring watchman to assist us during difficult times which we propitiate the help and blessings of the Dharma protector Setrap Chen which has sword his oath to safe guard Je Tsongkhapa’s teachings and its practitioners.

With this little introduction, we welcome you to a new chapter in the Buddhist circle, the Modern Buddhist Fellowship.


  1. Great work!! ^^, THANK YOU yuppies fellow!! ^^,

  2. Thanks! welcome to a whole new world of yuppies in Buddhism ")